What does the Farmer’s Almanac predict for winter 2013-2014? Well for about two-thirds of the nation they are forecasting a winter that will experience below average temperatures. The coldest temperatures will be over the Northern Plains on East to the Great Lakes. The far West and Southeast will be the areas that will have closest to normal temperatures but only a few areas will have temperatures that will average above normal.
As for precipitation, the Southern Plains, Midwest, and Southeast will see above normal conditions, while the rest of the country will average near normal.
The Pacific Northwest which is normally wet may end up with a drier than normal rainy season according to the Almanac.
Probably the prediction that has received the most publicity is the one that calls for a possible snow storm for the Super Bowl, which will be played outdoors at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.
Over all the predictions call for a rather uneventful winter for 2013-2014, let’s hope they’re right.